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Hayn Enterprises, LLC.

This website has been restored to continue to provide sailors and riggers with the vital information it holds. We will continue to update content to ensure that listed agents and manufacturers are accurately represented and to provide current contact information. Other updates will cover changes in the industry or promote the work of reputable agents.
The Navtec trade name and Rod Rigging Designs are the exclusive intellectual property of Hayn Enterprises, LLC.
Navtec maintained detailed records and reports on all projects they worked on. As we comb through their archives the Support page will host any documents we consider valuable to the public. If you own a boat that has rigging that was made in house by Navtec or some other custom product we may be able to assist you in finding schematics and reports that would be valuable to you. All requests for information should be directed to

Hydraulics: Hydraulic parts made to Navtec designs remain available through authorized agents. 

Fiber: There is currently no licensed manufacturer of Navtec's fiber or carbon products

Rod: Hayn is branding our NAVTEC Rod Rigging products as "NAVTEC Made By Hayn" to eliminate any confusion amongst the industry. Hayn's Rod Rigging line is manufactured in their Rocky Hill Connecticut facility located in the Northeast United States, to the strictest of quality standards. As with our wire rope fittings, Hayn offers short lead-times for both our standard products as well as custom components.

Wire Cable: Hayn has been engineering and manufacturing marine, architectural, and industrial rigging hardware since the late 1950's. Hayn's commitment to advanced automation, latest design technology, and manufacturing techniques give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Hayn offers short lead-times for both our standard products as well as custom components.

Hayn's relationship with "": Hayn Enterprises, LLC. does not exercise editorial control over this website. This site exists to preserve Navtec's old informational offerings and to direct sailors to qualified riggers and suppliers for maintenance and new products. We strongly recommend the use of Hayn products as part of our mission to match sailors with the best rigging solutions available. For all inquiries about this site please visit our contact page.

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