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inner forestay cylinder

  • Flush sleek design does not clutter deck when not in use
  • Hydraulically driven via standard cylinder
  • Soft strop terminations to inner forestay
  • Standard sizes -30 to -60 with custom sizes upon request

4 Bank Rotary hydraulic pump

  • Higher flow rates with smoother flow output
  • Efficient cam driven piston pump
  • Available in 2 and 4 bank
  • Shift points can be adjusted to suit the user preferance
  • Built in relief valve
  • Adapts to any winch package
  • Adaptable to overdrive box with input capable of 200rpm


mini 50 hydraulic panel

  • 35% smaller face plate with 40% less mounting depth
  • Entry level hydraulic panel with flow rates needed for smaller racing boats
  • Simple solution for OEM applications
  • Adjustable relief valve
  • Sleek one function panel

High Flow System VIII Cam Valve

  • High flow valve
  • Improved pressure drop
  • Upgraded System 8 valve
  • High flow for powered systems
  • Can be pedestal driven via a rotary pump