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Navtec, the rigging solution

Navtec factory and design facility was based in Guilford, Connecticut, USA with an office and workshop in France.

Navtec-Europe, based in Mandelieu near Nice France, was more than a simple rigging workshop. Its skilled and experienced team, high tech production equipment and its approval by NF Nautisme, makes it a first choice partner for all rigging requirements and marine hydraulics. 4 Dedicated Workshop - 4 Specialties 5-S Methodology

Navtec's production site in Mandelieu was made up of four distinct zones separating the four specialities of hydraulics, fibre, rod and cable . Each zone has been organised using the Five-S methodology "Five S" is a key starting point for continuous improvement in m​anufacturing and is defined by the activities of: Sort, Set in Order, Sweep, Standardize and Sustain."

Hydraulic Workshop: This is entirely isolated from the rest of the factory in order to secure a place without any dust (hydraulic's worst enemy). It is well equipped to service the entire range of Navtec cylinders and pumps. A test bench is used to validate all repairs before dispatch.

Fiber Workshop: A specialist tensile bench enables the assembly of Aramid or PBO in lengths up to 60m and 200T breaking load. In addition to assembly, breaking load tests and elongation tests are also carried out. These test enable Navtec to certify the very strong performance of its cables after simulating the equivalent of one or sometimes two round the world trips! This facility enables us to replace your current rod rigging with its corresponding PBO with no trouble!

Rod workshop: We have two different size Heading presses; the largest enables manufacturing rod heads on bars up to 51mm diameter. There is a machine to polish bars of rod designed by Navtec, which also facilitates the refurbishment and repair of all existing rod rigging.

Cable workshop: Equipped with a swaging machine designed to swage wire up to 26mm diameter.